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About Us

Dot7 is an agency of sophisticated solutions for all kinds of products or services of our clients. We are committed to innovating and facilitating people's lives by bringing technology into their lives.

Many years of experience support us. We have helped many people to reinvent the way of doing business.

Products and services business

Using technology our clients take their business to its maximum potential

Easy, pretty and custom

Our software and designs are based on the latest trends worldwide.


We integrate applications in trends to measure your audience and how it interacts with your business

We know what we do

We are a leading company in Latin America in the design and development of mobile applications. We build Apps that all people talk about every day. Designing and creating applications is like breathing every day.

We are a digital studio. We develop products, businesses and systems for people.

Take your company to the next level and discover why we are the best.

Our prices and quality

This is because we are passionate and feed us. But we don't do it just for money. We are truly committed to serving and giving the best in each project.

The quality of our projects and the prices that adjust to each project and budget are not compared.

Last but not least. A highly balanced, professional, prepared and full of values ​​team.
Dot7 is a great family ready to innovate.


Apps, Websites, E-commerce, Big Data, Design, and Marketing Digital.


We create 100% personalized mobile applications and using the official designs of Google & Apple


Websites for all kinds of business and other level styles.


Selling online has never been so easy and unique. We customize your sales site where you will have control of your business in an easy and safe way.

Big data

Our information scientists are prepared to detect the areas of opportunity of your business, to analyze the profile of your customers and to highlight those sales. Let us help you with all that information!


Design is our daily bread. We provide consulting and image improvements to all types of business and services.

Marketing digital

We create strategies as unique as your brand. We help with online growth, we take you by the hand, we increase your advantages and we improve your areas of opportunity.

Why choose us?

We have several teams of highly motivated, skilled, and experienced IT professionals to implement complex projects successfully. In addition we not only have talent and skills but a lot of passion and love for what we do.

We Listen & Then Make

We like to listen to the ideas and needs of our clients. Then with our experience we process all that information and perfect it so that it can become a reality.

We Deliver on time on Budget

Our clients' time is as valuable as their budget. We customize everything in such a way to provide solutions for all kinds of time and budgets.

We are always available for you

Our clients choose us not only because we are awesome and affordable, but also because we are always available for them. Whether it is a midnight emergency or a progress report you need, we are a phone call, email, text away!


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Escuela Sabática 24/7


Transportes Zurdos




BlackPlay TV


Tessuti Imagen


RB Digital

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Bolsa Rosa




Jesus Alí


Radios Adventistas 7




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